Authentication via Social Media account

Trust WiThing. Offer your Clients a totally new service!

WiThing technology provides a quick, easy and safe connection by allowing access via any Social Media account.

In just two easy steps, you will provide Internet access with no need to register:

    1. Switch on your WiThing device
    2. Connect it to your modem

It's all done!

Technical details

  • Protocol: IEE 802.11 b/g/n, IEE 802.3, IEE 802.eu
  • Network Interface: n. 4LAN +n 1 WAN 10/100M RJ45 interface
  • Wireless Frequency Bandwidth: 2,4GHz
  • Aerial: n. 2 omni SMB aerial
  • Dimension: 20,3 x 14,4 x 2,2 cm

€ 200,00